Sunday, January 30, 2011

Consequence of cut in the North-east corner

North-east is the most sacred and important corner in the plot as being a place of God Vastu assert this direction should be kept clean, open and empty. But what about those houses that have cuts in North-eastern portion? According to Vastu any cut in North-east corner is a major Vastu defect or dosh which tends to have bad affect on the people residing in the house. Although extension in this corner is allowable but any cut could be fatal in terms of slow or poor growth, discontentment, financial constrain and health challenges.
There are many affects and consequences of a cut in North-east which must be checked before purchasing a house. Read out how to cope with such problem:


  1. i have a residential rectangular plot. The plot is south facing.I am planning a L shaped house by giving a cut on north east to make a space for lawn on the north east corner. However I am taking a full foundation as well as basement in perfect rectangle. only after the ground level I am giving a cut to accomodate the lawn. The lawn will be in north east corner.Is it all right as per vastu? If not what is the remedy?

  2. build a raised platform at north east corner.